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Come on in the water is fine, we don't bite I promise. We just make great skincare and bomb candles!

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Our special ingredient…..

Goat’s milk! Our brand uses goat’s milk in our body wash, sugar scubs, and soaps. Its really just an all over goodie for your skin coating all your skin cells so that they are extra moisturized. Goats milk contains natural probiotics and helps to repair the skins barrier.

  • Kiara says:

    “GIRLLL!! This scrub is the truth, IT'S PHENOMINAL , I don't even need lotion.”

  • Keambra says:

    “They smell so good and feel so good , also not super greasy ! 10/10 highly recommend ❤️“

    It’s the Cocoa butter cashmere for me. 
  • Neshia says:

    “This candle smells like a man who wears his phone on his hip”

    Amber&rosewood for me! 
  • Catherine says:

    ”ever since I have been shopping with her , I haven’t had a product that didn’t work . Everything that she has is for sure been something that has worked very well ! The products make my skin so soft and I always see results the next day. Her products are just right ! 

    It’s the body care for me! 
  • Neiko says:

    The beard oil is amazing…it doesn’t have that funny sent to it like the other ones that are out but I give it a 10/10

    Let me get some of that. 
  • Pearl says:

    “ the goats milk and honey soap lathers well, and I like that it doesn’t have all those artificial fragrances”

    Let's try some soap.